Sonopill feasibility study published in Science Robotics

STORM Lab engineers have helped show it is technically possible to guide a tiny robotic capsule inside the colon to take micro-ultrasound images. Known as a Sonopill, the device could one day replace the need for patients to undergo an endoscopic examination, where a semi-rigid scope is passed into the bowel – an invasive procedure […]

2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

The STORM Lab team are presenting three works at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 20-24. The three papers investigated different control strategies for the Magnetic Flexible Endoscope (MFE), aimed to enhance the performance of the platform. In particular, Model Predictive Control (Bruno), Magnetic Levitation (Giovanni and Lavinia), Autonomous Navigation […]

UoL Press Release – Redesigning cancer screening technology

Engineers have developed a prototype endoscope which they say could cut the cost of manufacture from £80,000 to just £40. The press release is available in full here:

Metin Sitti visits STORM LAB UK

This week Wednesday (13 March) Prof. Sitti, the Director of the Physical Intelligence Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany, visited Leeds for the monthly Robotics@Leeds Seminar. Previously, Prof. Sitti was a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He is one of the world leading researchers in Micro/Bio Robotics. Metin was able […]

Europe’s financial backing for Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles

Robotic tentacles to help surgeons operate inside the body is among several new research programmes at Leeds supported by European funding. The University of Leeds has received more than €19m in funding from the prestigious and highly selective European Research Council (ERC) during 2018. The figure places Leeds in the top 10 recipients of ERC […]

Cancer Research UK award STORMLAB UK Early Detection Award

Cancer Research UK have awarded STORMLAB UK 1 of 19 early detection award grants to enable the first-in-human trials of the robotic magnetic flexible endoscope. The system aims to provide advances towards painless colorectal cancer diagnostic screening, surveillance and intervention. CRUK continue to invest in early detection as one of their strategic priorities. In the […]

Northern robotics experts to lead Euro conversation on ethics of AI

Rapid technological innovation is bringing human-robot interaction ever closer to our daily lives, meaning society needs a standard framework to address the ethical and safety issues that arise. [Link to Original Article] From University of Leeds News The question of how to develop such a framework will be debated by leading northern robotics and artificial intelligence researchers, MEPs and representatives […]

KUKA Innovation Award 2019

The STORM Lab has been selected to participate in the KUKA Innovation Award 2019 as one of five finalists. This award brings focus to “Healthy Living” using robotics, in this case using the LBR iiwa medical grade robot supplied by KUKA. For this award we will be further developing our magnetic capsule endoscope for painless […]

EuroScience Open Forum 2018

We recently travelled to Toulouse, France to exhibit our work on Magnetic colonoscopy as part of the Sonopill project. We were representing UK Research and Innovation, EPSRC and the STORM Lab (University of Leeds) at the week long ESOF 2018 event. Read the University of Leeds press release. ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) is the largest interdisciplinary […]

Lavinia Barducci at the Hamlyn Symposium 2018

Congratulations to Lavinia Barducci for her participation to the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2018, held at the Royal Geographical Society in London, 24-27 June. Lavinia presented her work on magnetic capsule levitation, investigated during her Master Thesis in visit at the StormLab UK, with the collaboration of PERCRO (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy). The […]