Cancer Research UK have awarded STORMLAB UK 1 of 19 early detection award grants to enable the first-in-human trials of the robotic magnetic flexible endoscope.

The system aims to provide advances towards painless colorectal cancer diagnostic screening, surveillance and intervention.

CRUK continue to invest in early detection as one of their strategic priorities. In the last round, CRUK committed a total of £8.4m in funding, to support an Early Detection Programme Award, 10 Project Awards and 8 Primer Awards.

Amongst these, Nitzan Rosenfeld and Robert Rintoul will analyse trace amounts of tumour DNA in liquid biopsy specimens to detect early-stage lung cancer and tumour recurrence, and Serena Nik-Zainal will look at mutational signatures of early cancers.

The full list including STORM LAB UK’s entry can be seen here.