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Breathing Compensation in Magnetic Robotic Bronchoscopy via Shape Forming

Is it possible to compensate for breathing motion while navigating a 2-mm soft magnetic catheter deep within the bronchial tree?

Research Highlight: Magnetic Flexible Endoscope Featured in March 2024 Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

We are pleased to share that our research on the “Magnetic Flexible Endoscope: A Novel Platform for Diagnostic and Therapeutic

New Publication in IEEE Transactions on Robotics: Automating Organ Conformation in Robotic Surgery

We are pleased to announce that our research team’s latest paper has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

Advancing Soft Robotics: Breakthrough in Integrated Sensing Technology

Russell Harris and the team at STORM LAB are pleased to share their latest research published in Advanced Engineering Materials,

Innovative Magnetic Robotic Catheters: A Step Forward in Minimally Invasive Surgery

The research team at STORMLAB has introduced an innovative approach in the realm of minimally invasive surgery with their latest

Announcement of Ground-breaking Phase 1 Trial of Innovative Magnetic Endoscope for Colonoscopies

The Research Team: (From left to right) Dr. Bruno Scaglioni, Dr. Keith Obstein, Dr. James Martin, Claire Landewee, Dr. Simone

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