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Six-degree-of-freedom Localization Under Multiple Permanent Magnets Actuation

Localisation for magnetically actuated robots is essential for their accurate control and delivery of functionality. With the advent of new

Actuated Coiling Soft Robot with Variable Stiffness

Soft, flexible robots, fabricated using magnetically-active elastomers, are capable of very large deformations, and are actuated at distance thus allowing

Closed Loop Static Control of Multi-Magnet Soft Continuum Robots

In this collaborative paper with Prof Simaan’s group at Vanderbilt University, we explore for the first time how to implement

A Framework for Simulation of Magnetic Soft Robots using the Material Point Method

In this work, we developed a simulation framework for magnetic soft robots using the Material Point Method (MPM). This framework

STORMLAB featured in Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenia Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that our work on magnetically guided colonoscopy has been featured in the March 2023 issue

Micro-scale aerosol jet printing of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticle patterns

Creating custom patterns of magnetic nanoparticles on flexible substrates may enable new opportunities in early diagnosis and personalised treatment of

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