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Towards Autonomous Robotic Minimally Invasive Ultrasound Scanning and Vessel Reconstruction on Non-Planar Surfaces

In our recently published work, we explore the challenges and a potential solution for enabling autonomous intracorporeal Ultrasound (US) scanning

Collaborative Magnetic Manipulation via Two Robotically Actuated Permanent Magnets

What happens if you place two large magnets at the end effector of two serial robots? How many independent degrees

Gordon Research Seminar presentation and the Gordon Research Conference

Michael and Giovanni had the privilege and pleasure to present their work at the first ever Gordon Research Seminar (GRS)

Magnetic Soft Continuum Robots With Braided Reinforcement

Flexible catheters are used in a wide variety of surgical interventions. In many cases a lack of dexterity and miniaturization

‘Robotic Autonomy for Magnetic Endoscope Biopsy

The magnetic flexible endoscope team have just published their latest work entitled ‘Robotic Autonomy for Magnetic Endoscope Biopsy’ to IEEE

CRAS paper featured in Computer Vision News

Work we presented at CRAS has been published in this magazine:  

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