Santa Claus has arrived a bit earlier than usual this year at the STORM Lab!

Today STORM LAb has received a brand new KUKA LBR Med. This unique lightweight robot, produced by the german company KUKA AG (, is the medically approved version of the well-known LBR collaborative robotic arm.
This robot is the first FDA approved general purpose robotic arm and we are very glad to announce that the STORM lab @ University of Leeds, is the first academic lab in Europe to receive one.

The LBR Med will allow the STORM lab researchers to move the experiments to the next level. Being clinically approved and collaborative (so, inherently safe) this robot can be used for clinical trials and many more purposes.

Yeah, but it is not all! Another KUKA LBR Med is arriving soon, enabling us to perform real multi-arm experiments, we are looking forward to receiving the second robot.