We are pleased to announce that our research team’s latest paper has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics. The paper presents a significant advancement in the field of surgical robotics, focusing on the automation of organ conformation using bimanual manipulation with a state-of-the-art surgical robot.

Research Focus:

  • Automated Bimanual Manipulation: The study introduces an automated method for conforming an organ to a desired shape, a critical task in various surgical procedures.
  • Potential Impact on Surgical Practice: The automation aims to reduce the cognitive load on surgeons, potentially increasing precision and efficiency in surgical operations.
  • Advancement Towards Robotic Surgery Automation: This work represents a step forward in the integration of advanced automation techniques in robotic surgery.

Research Methodology and Findings:

  • The initial experiments were conducted using plastic organ simulators for proof of concept.
  • The paper also includes preliminary evaluations with human cadaveric tissue, demonstrating the potential for clinical application.

We invite our colleagues and students to read the full paper and explore the detailed methodologies and findings. The paper not only contributes to the field of surgical robotics but also opens up new possibilities for the automation of complex surgical tasks.

Access and Additional Information:

Special acknowledgments to my co-authors Junlei Hu, Dominic Jones, and Mehmet Dogar for their invaluable contributions to this research.