2 March 2018. We have been awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the International Symposium on Medical Robotics 2018 for the work “A Disposable Continuum Endoscope Using Piston-driven Parallel Bellow Actuator” by N. Garbin, L. Wang, J. Chandler, K. L. Obstein, N. Simaan, P. Valdastri. The paper describes a ultra-low-cost solution for gastric cancer screening in low-income countries and is part of the EPSRC funded research in global health challenges that is being pursued at the STORM Lab in Leeds and at Vanderbilt. This work has also a collaborative component with the Vanderbilt University ARMA Lab, directed by Nabil Simaan. Nicolo’ Garbin made a great job in presenting this work in front of a highly qualified medical robotics audience. Well done team!