Breathing Compensation in Magnetic Robotic Bronchoscopy via Shape Forming

Is it possible to compensate for breathing motion while navigating a 2-mm soft magnetic catheter deep within the bronchial tree? In our new paper, we demonstrate that with a specific magnetization profile and the right magnetic field sequence, this is possible. This is another little step towards robotically reaching peripheral lung tumours to improve healthcare […]

New Publication in IEEE Transactions on Robotics: Automating Organ Conformation in Robotic Surgery

We are pleased to announce that our research team’s latest paper has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics. The paper presents a significant advancement in the field of surgical robotics, focusing on the automation of organ conformation using bimanual manipulation with a state-of-the-art surgical robot. Research Focus: Automated Bimanual Manipulation: The study introduces […]

Advancing Soft Robotics: Breakthrough in Integrated Sensing Technology

Russell Harris and the team at STORM LAB are pleased to share their latest research published in Advanced Engineering Materials, marking a notable development in the field of soft robotics. The study focuses on the creation of high-performance strain sensors, a vital component for the progression of soft robotics in varied applications like wearable electronics, […]

Innovative Magnetic Robotic Catheters: A Step Forward in Minimally Invasive Surgery

The research team at STORMLAB has introduced an innovative approach in the realm of minimally invasive surgery with their latest development in robotic catheters. These new devices, characterized by their flexibility and magnetic control, offer promising advancements in surgical precision and safety. The focus of the recent study by the research group has been on […]

Tiny Surgical Robots: A Revolution in Cancer Detection and Treatment

Researchers at the University of Leeds’ STORM Lab have made significant advancements in the detection and treatment of lung cancer with the development of ultra-soft, magnetically controlled robots. At just 2mm in diameter, these robots can navigate deeper into the lungs, providing more tailored and less invasive treatments. Initial tests on cadavers showed promising results, […]

Six-degree-of-freedom Localization Under Multiple Permanent Magnets Actuation

Localisation for magnetically actuated robots is essential for their accurate control and delivery of functionality. With the advent of new magnetic actuation platforms based on multiple external permanent magnets for actuation of complex continuum robots, new localisation techniques that account for these additional sources of magnetic fields are needed. In this work, we introduce a […]

Actuated Coiling Soft Robot with Variable Stiffness

Soft, flexible robots, fabricated using magnetically-active elastomers, are capable of very large deformations, and are actuated at distance thus allowing for extremely small scale. This combination of properties is understandably appealing to the minimally invasive surgical community but, due to the soft materials and low actuating forces involved, one prominent challenge is the functionalization of […]

Closed Loop Static Control of Multi-Magnet Soft Continuum Robots

In this collaborative paper with Prof Simaan’s group at Vanderbilt University, we explore for the first time how to implement full-shape closed loop control of a magnetic tentacle robot using fiber Bragg grating sensors. We demonstrate that the proposed controller, running at approximately 300 Hz, is capable of shape tracking with a mean error of […]