Congratulations to Giovanni, James, Federico, Simone, Aleks and Bruno for having their papers accepted for presentation at IROS 2020.

Dual-Arm Control for Enhanced Magnetic Manipulation

By enhancing manipulability of magnetically actuated endoscopic tentacles, by introducing a novel dual-arm controllable magnetic actuation. The capabilities of single permanent magnet robotic actuation are shown to be improved via dual arm manipulation; with the introduction of independent control of the magnetic field alongside its independent differentials we increase the number of magnetically controllable DOFs from 5 to 8.

Giovanni Pittiglio, James Henry Chandler, Michiel Richter, Venkatasubramanian Kalpathy Venkiteswaran, Sarthak Misra, Pietro Valdastri – University of Leeds + University of Twente

Teleoperation and Contact Detection for a Waterjet-Actuated Soft Continuum Manipulator Designed for Low-Cost Gastric Cancer Screening

Federico Campisano, Andria Remirez, Claire Ann Landewee, Simone Calò, Keith Obstein, Robert James Webster III, Pietro Valdastri – University of Leeds + Vanderbilt University

This paper presents a method to enable intuitive teleoperation of a waterjet actuated soft continuum manipulator (The HydroJet) within the gastric cavity. The key feature required to successfully articulate the device in this confined space is the integration of a contact detection algorithm within the teleoperation control scheme which alerts the operator when contact is achieved and prevents integral windup of the PID controller. Experimental validation using a geometrically accurate model shows that both an expert gastroenterologist and novice users are able to complete gastroscopy and visualize all key gastric landmarks.

Toward Autonomous Tissue Retraction in Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

Aleks Attanasio, Bruno Scaglioni, Matteo Leonetti, Alejandro Frangi, William Cross, Chandra Shekhar Biyani, Pietro Valdastri – University of Leeds + Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust