Towards Autonomous Robotic Minimally Invasive Ultrasound Scanning and Vessel Reconstruction on Non-Planar Surfaces

In our recently published work, we explore the challenges and a potential solution for enabling autonomous intracorporeal Ultrasound (US) scanning during robotic surgery. Enabled by a novel kinematic sensor-fusion scheme, we demonstrate the autonomous navigation and probe reorientation along a phantom hepatic vessel structure. Check out our paper for in-depth results and future directions of […]

Collaborative Magnetic Manipulation via Two Robotically Actuated Permanent Magnets

What happens if you place two large magnets at the end effector of two serial robots? How many independent degrees of freedom can be magnetically controlled in the central workspace? We have explored these and other research questions in our latest IEEE Transactions on Robotics paper that introduces the dual External Permanent Magnet (dEPM) platform. […]